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Tech savy Springfield man helps lead police to his stolen iPad – KY3

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A man is in jail on a number of charges, accused of attacking a man who was dropping off donations at an agency that helps local seniors.
The victim survived being kicked and locked in a shed, and even helped police track down his attacker.

Ron Clark, 82, had to first solve his way out of a locked shed – – closed into it by a man who confronted him, asking for money while Ron unloaded donations for the Senior Age center. Once he freed himself, it was Ron who did the confronting.

Ron said, “I said to him, what do you think you’re doing? And he said, I’ll show you what I’m doing. And he ran around the side of the truck, up to the driver’s side, the engine was running. He opens the door, he jumps into the seat.”

Ron then grabbed the truck door before the man could close it.

He continued, “He spins around in the seat looking at me, and I said, the police are gonna get you. He said sure, and he took his foot like that, reached up and kicked me right in the chest.”

The man then slammed on the gas, and took off.

“I really had a hard time grasping that my truck had left and I was still here,” said Ron.

In less than 24 hours, Springfield police found the truck abandoned in a parking lot nearby, but something important was missing. An iPad bag with a checkbook in it, as well as password hints for all of Ron’s accounts.

Ron said, “I’m feeling very unsafe. He has my keys, he has my iPad, he has my address, he has everything. If i take this truck back to my apartment, why cant he just go there and steal it again?”

So, Ron – found a way to fix it.

“I decided, I’m gonna make myself feel better. So I drove the rental car up to Kansas City to see the Lion King. I’m almost to Kansas City, and I get an alert that my pad is turned on.”

Ron pulled over and called the police. Then, helped them track down his iPad’s location in real time using the ‘Find My iPhone’ app.

They caught up with the man but couldn’t search the bag without proof it was Ron’s, so he pinged it.”

That was proof enough. Police searched the man’s bag, finding the iPad, along with a set of ford truck keys, and arrested Michael B. Smith, who’s now jailed on several charges.

Back at the Senior Age Center – staff were happy for the way everything turned out, but they did not take the incident lightly. Julie Jordan, staff member at Senior Age said, it’s a lesson for everybody.

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