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Mr. Fix It with Tim Noteboom Household Gadgets for the Holidays, Chimneys and More – KFGO News

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Tim Noteboom shares his years of wisdom as a remodeling contractor and home inspector.

Tune in every month to hear Tim Noteboom give you tips about home care, house maintenance and DIY tips. 

Tim shares his favorite “peace of mind” home tech that could be the perfect gift for any holiday. 

(Tim Noteboom in the KFGO studios)

WiFi Sump Pump Alarm

These beauties will send notices to your phone in the event of a water issue when it comes to your sump pump. Save yourself the headache of having to replace carpet, drywall, furnishings and more from water damage by catching the issue before it gets out of hand. The jump in tech from a traditional alarm is that this goes straight to your phone. If you are at grandma’s house, you will know there is an issue and can ask a friend to hop over to your house early.

Digital Thermostat

Save big $$$ with an internet enabled thermostat. This piece of tech will pay for itself within months and keep money in your pocket. Have the temp drop down when you’re not home, monitor usage and set an alarm for a temperature warning. Something like the Nest is also great since it will sync with many of your other home devices – like an Amazon Echo and Alexa!

Keypad/Proximity Door Lock

Like something from a space ship, you can use this device to unlock when it senses your phone and then lock when it no longer senses it. Imagine the ease of not having to pull out your keys every time you get to the front door. Or sending a temporary key to someone so they can drop off a package. You can also maintain who comes and goes and when – anyone out there with teenagers?!?!

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