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Electric Car maker Tesla launches iPhone cases on its Amazon merchandise store – gizmochina

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Apple iPhone sales may have dropped in certain strategic markets like India andChina but the company’s US market still continue to soar. So, it isn’t really surprising that third-party manufacturers are producing accessories for the iPhones just like these phone cases for iPhone X and others.  The phone cases were manufactured by innovative electric car maker, Tesla which runs its own merchandise store on Amazon.iPhone X case

Tesla’s range of iPhone cases includes ordinary cases and folio cases for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The case for the iPhone X equally fits the iPhone XS. They are all designed by Tesla using satin finish leatherette and are available in Black only. They are all available on Tesla’s merchandise store on Amazon with pricing ranging from $35-$45.

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Apart from iPhone cases, the brand also introduced diecast Model S vehicles, hoodies, and more, so fans of the brand can showcase it to the world. The diecast vehicles come with several visible details on the interior and the doors can be opened as well as the trunk and hood. The wheels are also steerable.

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