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7 Games Like Pokemon for PC If You're Looking for Something Similar – Twinfinite

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Games Like Pokemon for PC

Siralim 3siralim 3

There are not many games like Pokemon on PC that fully capture the magic of the games themselves. However, these six games are valiant efforts. In fact, the first game on this list is preferred by some.

The player’s main goal in this retro-inspired turn-based RPG called Siralim is to collect over 700 monsters and use their unique skills and abilities in an infinite amount of battles that this indie has to offer.

We say infinite because all of the dungeons in Siralim 3 are randomly generated with 15 different tilesets that the game uses.

With a deep crafting system to create equipment and spells for your team of monsters, Siralim literally has no end in sight and is the definition of a monster-taming RPG.

Siralim 3 is also making its way to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4, so if you find yourself wanting to take this immense RPG on the go, you’ll have your chance soon enough.

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